Software & Database Support

Successful projects result from fully understanding the client’s requirements. Our method for developing software is based on the level of detail the client is able to identify. Projects with undefined or vague requirements will be developed using a “Rapid Prototype” approach. Rapid prototyping is the process of developing software to a basic level and then allowing the client to use the software in order to determine additional detailed functional requirements. The client is involved throughout the process directing the software design effort as it is being developed. The combination of client involvement and highly qualified developers leads to complete client satisfaction. Projects with defined requirements and functionality will be developed using a more classic design approach. We offer an array of software support services that provide our customers the tools to plan and execute their business strategies in an easy and cost effective manner. I will take the time to listen and understand your requirements in order to develop the perfect application for your situation. All developed software is designed for ease of use, scalability and dependability. Areas of specialization include:

Software and Database Services

  • Source level programming
  • Visual
  • Functional and technical requirements development
  • Specification and flow chart design
  • Design, development and customization
  • SQL Server, Access, ActiveX Data Objects .net, SQL Stored Procedures
  • Migration and conversion of legacy and unsupported applications
  • Application integration and installation
  • Software administration and maintenance
  • Performance tuning
  • Programming upgrades and modifications for developed and existing software
  • Data collection and records management
  • Software documentation Support

Web/Internet Solutions

To maximize information accessibility we design and integrate the latest web enabling technical solutions for our clients. We excel in developing specialized web based applications that integrate multiple client requirements into a comprehensive solution that is scalable, reliable and portable. We design our web solutions to bring any remote location or office as close as a click away. We also provide comprehensive e-commerce applications to support electronic data interchange and document access. Areas of specialization include:

Web and Internet Services

Web supported applications

  • Content and specification development
  • Flow diagrams and web linking
  • Interactive site development
  • Rapid updates and design changes
  • Integration of databases and web servers
  • Portal development and management
  • Data collection and reporting
  • Intranet development and management
  • Secure and limited access sites
  • Client/ server applications