Jun 17

Ubuntu instead of Windows 10?

After being a loyal windows developer for several decades, with the abomination that Microsoft calls Windows10, I have decided to move to the Ubuntu operating system. All our PC’s and tablets now boot Ubuntu 16.04.

Ubuntu is a Linux based operating system that has many of the same features as Windows or Apple. It is free and open source software. Being open source people can check the code to see if back doors are installed. Ubuntu with it’s roots going all the way back to Unix is inherently a secure operating system and does not require anti-virus systems. We just install AdGuard in FireFox and that’s it.

Ubuntu comes with built applications like the FireFox browser, Thunderbird email client and the Libre office package that includes word processer, spreadsheet, database, drawing and presentation apps. There is an app store included with hundreds of free and open source apps similar to Android.

Setting up Ubuntu can be a bit trickier than Widows so our expert services may be needed in some instances. You don’t have to leave Windows behind either, with VirtualBox or VMWarePlayer your old Windows system can run in a window on your Ubuntu desk top with all the programs and settings intact and just as they were on your old system.

Hasta la vista Windows!

Apr 17

Industrial PLC and Java HMI

Created a PLC system based on an Arduino MAX256 board to control X, Y and Z movement of a large object via linear actuators via a joystick. The X and Y movement speed is proportionally controlled. A forth object is moved via the joystick too.

A HMI (human-machine-interface) was created using a pc runing Ubuntu and Java application. The HMI while simple shows the positions of the linear actuators via the pots that are built into them.

May 15

E Commerce WordPress website for Clothing

Just completed a new WordPress eCommerce site based on WooCommerce and the StoreFront style. The client and I are extremely happy with the results and how quickly this site came together. The site has intuitive management system and the process customers to select the color and size of shirts is easy. The cart works smoothly, when the customer adds an item to the cart a couple of buttons appear below the item offering to take them to the cart or check out page.

There is a plethora if integrations such as stamps.com and events calendaring.

The site is Jefferson Outfitters.

Sep 15

WordPress shopping cart with integrations

CaptureJust completed a word press site (see Passport Trust link) with the Electronic Digital Downloads add-in for sale of a PDF file. The system is integrated with Affiliates pro and Mail Chimp. Affiliates Pro will allow tracking of sales from an affiliate team. The PDF file is dynamically created with the affiliate information added to the forms so they can be credited appropriately. The Mail Chimp integration will forward the purchasers names into an email list so that follow up information can be sent on how to use the PDF. I also functioned as a project manager with a designer for the graphics design of the system.

Aug 05

Auction Site for Precious Metals

The Data Center has begun development of a new site Sell Your Gold Locally to facilitate sellers of scrap gold jewelery find the best price from a local buyer. The auction system is based on a modified version the open source WeBid php software.

Update 03/15/14: Upon investigating the market via a highly qualified investor, it was discovered that this market has shrunk 99% since the peak of the gold price. Based on this info work this project has been halted. However having worked with the WeBid auction system I am highly impressed with the quality of the system design and code. The Data Center will continue to offer implementation and modification services for the WeBid auction system.

Sep 28

SQL Server Database Email

Just completed a project that uses SQL Server 2008 DBMail to send complex formatted Access reports as an HTML email. Using this SQL Server feature allows us to create a central repository of all the email sent to an individual by the organization. Any user on the system can review and resend an email. These emails are legal documents that notify a member of a rules violation. The format of the HTML email is almost identical as the printed document and will include an invoice and a statement if multiple amounts are still due.

One of the advantages of this system is that the administrator only has to set the email account settings up once on the server. When a user pulls up a members record in the MS Access system all emails sent to that member are displayed.

Feb 07

Just got wireless internet service from McNab Ranch Net

We do a lot of our database development on remote servers and our previous service was lacking when doing VPN connections. This is a major up grade for our capabilities. The service is outstanding with a 35ms ping time and 4mb up and download speeds. Contact to see if service is available in your area of Hopland.

Start up of McNab Ranch Net was funded with a grant from a local Foundation. The owner Kim Remick is technically competent and a pleasure to work with. My thanks to both of you for creating this asset to the community!

Update: McNab Ranch Internet is now SeaKay Broadband. New name same great service. We are now doing NetFlix and Skype with no problems. Phone (707) 376-1234.

Aug 31

New skill

I just developed an application for a real estate client that uses libRETS and VB.net to retrieve and synchronize a SQL Server database with a MLS database. The system runs an auto update process 24/7 and processes listings, agents and offices.