The Data Center – WordPress & Database specialist

Creation of website or application can transform your business, since 1988 we have done just that and developed IT infrastructure for clients to efficiently run and analyze their companies processes.

Our Mission

To enable businesses to utilize the power of computers to realize the unique opportunities that off-the-shelf software misses. Data is a valuable asset that when made accessible can be used to make informed decisions and improve operations.

Company Profile

I am a professional software developer with a deep understanding of a wide range of business processes. The Data Center has created packages supporting the financial, real estate, legal, medical professions and more. Some of the tools we utilize are Microsoft Access, SQL Server, MySQL, .net, Java Script and PHP. As the recipient of a U.S. patent, I can design business processes and software to implement your goals. The Data Center is located in Hopland, CA in the beautiful county of Mendocino, our office is off-grid and powered by the sun.